Meet Angie

angieChiBooMy name is Angie and I am “top dog” at While Ma and Paws Away Pet Services! I have been catering to the needs of pets for 17 years! Giving my pet families peace of mind while they are away is our specialty!

As a pet parent I found that working long hours or traveling without my pets became stressful and difficult to manage, not only for myself but for them as well. I needed other options, and while boarding may work for some, it was not for us. I knew that there were other pet owners in the same position as I, whose animals were in need of care from a professional, honest, and dependable person to provide for their family pets while they are away. With those needs in mind, I began my business!

I absolutely love all animals, no matter how big or small they may be. I consider animals to be “Gods Sweetest Gift”. With every encounter I still find myself amazed at what non-judgmental, loyal, and gentle little hearts they can be. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. to a cold nose, a whine to go potty, or a paw that will not stop scratching the food bag until they are fed just wasn’t enough, now it’s a bark at the front door when I come home, a play bow to initiate the much anticipated walk, and a high five or a sassy little meow when their treat is overdue. I wouldn’t trade those cute little things for anything! At the completion of each job, and the end of my day I feel blessed to be able to work within a field that I truly feel passionate about.

If travel or work keeps you away from your pet(s), call me. I am a caring, friendly professional with a “treat your pet as my own” work ethic.  Life is busy – let me help!

I look forward to meeting you and the needs of your families pet(s)!