Why Hire a Professional Sitter?

More importantly, “Why Hire While Ma and Paws Away Professional Pet Sitting Services”?

When choosing a pet sitter to care for your family pet(s) while you are away, keep these 5 qualities in mind: Honesty, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Friendliness, and Insurability.

All five qualities stand for who we are and what we believe in at While Ma and Paws Away Pet Services. Our pets are family, and their needs are important. Most pets thrive on keeping routine. Feedings, playtime, exercise, and sleeping come naturally while in the comfort of their home. Transporting your pet to a strange place can cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

At While Ma and Paws Away we look forward to seeing our pets and they look forward to seeing us. With our personalized care, your pet also gets consistency and someone who knows them well.

Hiring a professional means we come to you. No more making time for drop offs or pickups, and the best part- your pet is waiting for you when you get home!

While Ma and Paws Away is committed to continuing education, we are trained in ANIMAL FIRST AID and CPR and believe knowledge is key when it comes to understanding your pets and their needs.