Frequently Answered Questions

What kinds of services do you provide?

At While and Paws Away Pet Services we realize how important it is to keep your pets daily routine while you are away. We strive to give your pet the same care and attention that you give them. We offer a wide range of services based on the needs of you and your pet. With our in home services we provide daily feedings, fresh water, outdoor play and exercise, the administering of medications, injections, and sub q fluids. We also realize the importance of daily exercise. If you can’t find the time to walk your dog, or in most cases let your dog walk you, let us help, because a tired dog is a good dog! Need help getting your pet to and from the vet for those overdue appointments, or maybe they just aren’t feeling the best and need to be seen, our pet taxi service will help you get them to the vet, get them all better, and back home to you! Worried about your plants that need watering, lights that need adjusting, or blinds that need turning? We can do that too! We help to create that “lived in house look” while you are away. With services that include, taking your trash or recycling to the curb, bringing in the paper and mail, or simply feeding the fish we strive to give you one less thing to worry about!

What information do you need from me?

Under the Client Forms tab you may download the pet information forms. With every new client we will set up an in home consultation. During this consultation I will be able to familiarize myself with your pet, collect all forms and together we will decide on which services best fit the needs of you and your pet. To create familiarity and trust between your pet and I is my number one goal, please have all of the required forms filled out prior to our consultation, in doing so gives me the ability to spend more time focusing on what matters most, the needs of your pet!

Should I have the extra key available at the time of our consultation?

Yes! During our consultation I will ask that you sign the Key Release form and leave the key with us. (Please refer to the Key Release form for additional information on our policies)

I tend to worry a lot when I can’t be there. Can I contact you for updates on how my pet is doing?

No problem, I worry too. If I did not this wouldn’t be the job for me. I strive to give my clients piece of mind while they are away, and will do whatever it takes to ensure it. Leaving can be stressful, for you and your pet, I understand. After each visit I leave reports that provide the client with daily information on the care given to their pet(s). Upon request, I will be happy to make phone calls, emails, or send text and picture messages to ensure that piece of mind is had while you are away!

My pet isn’t always the friendliest upon meeting people that she doesn’t know very well.

Do not worry! I have one at home whose bark is a lot bigger than his bite too! I have experience in dealing with shy, timid, and anxious animals. Trust takes time, and I am willing to earn it. This is why the in home consultation is so important. This meeting gives your pet and I the opportunity to get to know one another. My goal is to make a positive association between your pet and I at the first visit, ensuring that my next visit will be a familiar and positive experience as well.

Can you be available in emergency situations? My work hours are sometimes unpredictable and make it impossible for me to get home in time for my dogs medications and potty break!

Yes, we try hard to accommodate the needs of our busy clients and their hectic schedules. If an emergency should arise, give us a call, we will do our best to see that your pet gets the care they need!

Are pet sitters insured, and does your service include this protection?

At While Ma and Paws Away Pet Services we take the safety and security of our clients and their pets seriously. Should an accident arise that affects the pet or a client’s property while on an assignment, we are covered with Pet Sitter Liability Insurance.

What types of pets do you provide care for?

If you can provide detailed instructions on how to best care for your pet I can provide the care they require. If I have not worked with your type of pet before I am willing to educate myself on how it is that I can help best!

Why should I use your services when I have the neighbor or my sister to take care of my pet for me?

Accidents can happen, and while having your sister, or trusted neighbor care for your pet can be a nice back up plan, hiring a professional who is insured tends to give our clients the extra piece of mind should a situation arise.