Policies & Service Terms

Initial Consultation
We require an initial free consultation for all new clients. This gives us the chance to meet with you and your pet. During the initial visit we decide which services best fit the needs of you and your pet, discuss any detailed instructions you may have, sign the key transfer, and go over home security codes/instructions where applicable. This consultation will take approximately 30-45 minutes. Please have the new client paperwork printed and filled out before our first visit. Payment is due once both parties have agreed upon services and the Service Contract has been signed.

Deposits and Billing
All monies for services are due prior to services being rendered.
Update Emergency Contact Information As Soon As Changes Are Made
Once service has been established for your pet, owner must notify the pet care professional if changes need to be made to contact, medical, or emergency numbers. It is important for the safety of your pet to keep all needed information up to date.

Pet Identification
Pets must be tagged with proper owner identification. For the safety and security of your pet we will also provide a tag with our company business name and contact number.

Owners must supply all pet food, leashes, harnesses, collars, identification tags medications, litter box and cleaning supplies for their pet at time of service. Your pet will always be leashed while in our care. Please be aware that WE WILL NOT use electric shock , choke or chain collars! We prefer to use positive methods to help our animals understand acceptable verses non-acceptable behavior.

Key Retain
Please allow us to retain your key at time of the Initial Consultation as a fee will be assessed for key pick up or drop off.

Access to Home
Should a locksmith be called to gain entry into your home due to a faulty lock, key or home security system client agrees to pay all charges for the locksmiths visit.

Minimum Care Provided
We are here to provide your pet with the best possible care while you are away. While vacationing we require a minimum of at least 2 visits per day. We HIGHLY recommend 3-4 visits, morning, afternoon and evening. Expecting your pet to hold their urine for long hours without a potty break is not nice and in the long run can cause serious problems that may lead to urinary, bladder, and kidney infections.

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster or national emergency, the pet care professional will use her best judgment in caring for the client’s animals and home. The pet sitter and company shall not be held responsible for consequences related to any of his or her decisions. However, the sitter and or company shall make every effort to provide the best possible care as soon as possible. The company shall make every effort to contact said persons to check on the clients animals.

Holiday and Vacation Cancellations
Summers and holidays are very busy as we receive more requests than we can take on. If you have scheduled our services for vacation time and find that you need to cancel for any reason you must do so a week in advance to receive a full refund. All other services require a 24 hour notice from the time of the next scheduled visit. Please view our Payments, Cancellation, and Refunds page for a detailed explanation of these policies.

Early Returns
We understand that plans can change and we are flexible if notified. If you return home early, please notify us immediately. If you do not notify us of an early return and we show up as scheduled a regular visit charge applies.

Confirmation of Your Safe Return
To ensure that your pet is receiving proper care, please call your pet care professional to confirm that you have returned home from your trip. Should there be a delay we will do our best to see that your pet’s needs are taken care of until your return home.

Current Vaccinations
A current vaccination history from your vet must be kept on file with While Ma and Paws Away in case of emergency. (Please have this available at our consultation).

Bites / Attacks
If client’s dog(s) or cat(s) bites or attacks anything (animal or person), cause disease or any other ailment to the Pet Care Professional the owner assumes all financial responsibility. Owner will be liable for all medical care expenses and damages that result from the animals bite or attack. Bites must be reported to the local authorities. Angie Whitley, or While Ma and Paws Away representative reserve(s) the right to refuse services if situation is deemed unsafe.

Client agrees to pay for damages caused to own home / car givers vehicle / or property caused by Client’s animal(s).

Job Sharing
For the safety and security of your pet(s) and our Pet Care Professionals we will not job share with other care givers during the service times agreed upon in your Service Contract. We insure your pet and our Pet Care Professional and cannot be responsible for care given outside our agreed upon service times.